Adhesives Chemical Products for All Adhering Applications

Definition of adhesive by technically is given to a substance, which has property of bonding. Material surfaces are attached applying adhesive. Therefore, when an item is broken adhesive is such a product that when applied to the broken material surface, it reunites the shape of that item. If adhesives types of products are not present, the broken item becomes useless. The broken item has to be again should be manufactured or repaired as per the process methods. The situation of damage to utility items or goods like electrical and electronics and even some of the plastic devices take place in regular use. Costlier items made of glass, woods and delicate materials on most occasion break due to mishandling. To prevent the loss and make the items look as good as the new and selective adhesive can reattach the surface of the materials with no marks of crack.

Highly utilized adhesive chemical products are glues, mucilage and pastes. Glues products are used to attach the wood surface. They are derived from animal proteins. Mucilage products are used in paper and book works. Binding a book requires a mucilage. Pastes are the manufactured from plastic and starch. Pastes are made on water-soluble and insoluble basis. Cement is an adhesive for special purpose. It’s binding strength work by the solvent dehydration, for example, adhesive putty.

Any adhesive function depends on the factors like relative smoothness, surface tension, adhesive film physical properties, surface tension, adhesive application methods, viscosity, the thickness of the film formed when the adhesive is applied on the surface. Materials like adhesive paper, plate hangers, putty, tapes like aerospace tapes, electronic tapes, electrical adhesive tapes, photographic tapes, medical and pharmaceutical tapes, industrial tapes and high-temperature labels are classified based on above factors.

Most common adhesives chemical products and their application:


Aerospace and composite tape:

  • Adhesives like synthetic rubber, silicon paper, polysiloxan and acrylic resin are used. It is used in aero engines painting for masking. Highly heat resistive.

Splicing tape:

  • Adhesive like acrylic resin is used. Splicing tape is used for floor covering, carpet manufacture. Due to its high-temperature resistance, it is widely used as industrial flooring cover.

Masking tape:

  • Adhesive like polysiloxane is used in it. Masking tape is used for plasma spraying and powder coatings.

Mounting and Laminating tape:

  • Used for metal and glass

Teflon glass cloth and Teflon tape:

  • Have good chemical resistance property. Used for heat sealing and wrapping chemical containers.

Metal tape:

  • Used for electroplating, due to its electrical conductive property.

Laminated tape:

  • Used in transformers and motors.

Vent tape:

  • Used in the process manufacturing of freezers and refrigerators.

Photographic tape:

  • Used in photographic laboratories.

Cathode ray tube tape:

  • Having high tear resistance it can be used for metal attachments in CRT

Reinforcing tape:

  • Made by PVC film and used for roller blinds. It is good UV and age resistant.