Advanced Surgery Equipment Model Shown In The Movie Prometheus

A science fiction Hollywood movie Prometheus released in June 2012 showed some advance concept of health science. Humans normally have to undergo surgeries and operation for repairing and treating body tissue disorders. In case of transplant and injuries, human body operation was done by expert doctors. A hygienic facility maintained in a room called an operation room. All the personals involve in the human treatment wear sterilized dressing code to prevent contamination. Air, instruments, machinery and other utilities should be well cleaned with disinfects and sterilized.

All these rough formalities we saw in hospitals. The movie Prometheus show a clip about a surgery done automatically in a compartment controlled by a computer. Without any expert supervision, it can do all sorts of analysis, scanning and generate a report to operate to do surgery for a human body. The computer controls and operates all the commands and able to decided sequence step during the operation. In this case, the subjective contains another living organism in her body. She commands and instructs by selecting few options on a touch screen of the operating compartment. It is a closed airlock system and equipped with all sorts of instruments and tools that are used in most surgeries.

The operating system starts the sequence and even communicates to the subjective. Robotic arms move towards her abdomen to give her dose of medication to bear the pain. One of the robotic arms cuts her skin with a laser. Each computer-controlled arms move towards her to expand the cut, the non-human organism is removed out and then the cut of her flesh is sealed within seconds after the action is completed.

In future, these types of compartment help humans cured of major deadly diseases. Wounded soldiers and patients are benefited by artificially intelligent systems.