Android technology health care applications

Android technology application

Gastrointestinal tract (GI) cancer endoscopy image coding

The survival rate of patients suffering from gastrointestinal tract (GI) cancer can be if the tumour is detected at an earlier stage. Presently clinics use endoscopy examination to know the possibility and locate the affected parts. However to examine much deeper that is to check the microvascular blood system and capillaries on mucosal the images of endoscopy to be examined by enhancing them further. Two technologies right used in practice are

  • Narrow-band imaging
  • Fujinon intelligent chromoendoscopy

Operating system based on Android technology now comes into pictures. The images so obtained have to be coded, tagged, transmitted and easily retrieved to improve the clinic’s performance. This leads to patient review method to conduct at cheap rates and diagnosis with even better images verifications. Android mobile medical QR-code verification scheme helps to maintain the picture archive for automatic assessment of colon images inspections.

Application for Hearing Aid in ageing people

As we grew older our hearing capability, decrease and have suffered from communication clearness. Hearing aids are supporting devices that help older people to listen but not effectively. Using android technology, the speech and other sounds from surrounding can be separated. Using a smartphone, they can select algorithms that need to listen to particular signals like music, bird voices etc. When the existing hearing aid devices are hooked up to the smartphone that runs the speech and noise algorithms. The smartphone app receives all the signals from surrounding and filters them as per the user selection of listening mode. The features like recording and playback.

Android technology to provide support to ischemic heart disease patients:

Ischemia heart disease is deadly and patient to be under continuous surveillance by the doctor. Health care systems are developed at an application to maintain the observation of the patient and provide health condition to his caretaker in their smartphone applications. For instance, Ubiquitous healthcare systems develop Android-based included wearable ECG monitoring system as a remote monitoring method that connects the physician and patient for immediate treatment and diagnosis.

Androide technology for contious monitoring of patients

Android technology provides important application for healthcare professionals on

  • Disease Diagnosis
  • Drug Reference
  • Medical Calculator
  • Literature Search
  • Clinical Communication
  • Hospital Information Systems
  • Medical Training
  • General Healthcare

Android technology applications for orthodontics

There is totally 49 androids based app used for orthodontics. These apps provide information to news, publication and research for doctors and for a patient they give information about the health condition for brace treatment, health care to be taken will treatment, to know about their treatment stages and help by reminding about the changing elastics.

Risk of android application:

Insulin dose calculator apps: Beware of this type of apps because they may not provide you with the perfect amount and frequency of dose required in the day. The dose may vary person to person based on their living habitats. Check before using the apps, whether its health agencies and clinics are authorized or not.