Breast cancer diagnoses speed up by mammary ductoscopy technique

It is found that with the help of general cancer tests a tumor formed in breast can only be detected approximately after 8 years when it started to grow. The tumor present in the breast by this time becomes to a mass sufficient enough that can be physically removed by surgery. Even mammography cannot detect the initial stages of cancer at ductal epithelium. There is a sequence that suggests that the cells at ductal epithelium convert into atypia, it is the root cause for carcinoma.

A technique in breast cancer diagnoses was introduced to find the breast ductal system complications by a visual aid. The technique named as mammary ductoscopy. It has become a promising technique that was developed and categories into intraductal mechanism. The advantage is that early detection of tumor mass is possible than that of mammography technique. Its technology is restricted to ductal epithelium screening only, however it helps to solve 85 % of the breast carcinoma caused in women.