Classification of cosmetic industry products

Cosmetic industry produces and supplies varieties of cosmetic products as per the consumer requirements. Any product that a consumer uses for his health care, facial and skin treatment for external appearance, or to maintain his health by cleaning and even application of organic and inorganic ingredients to prevent damage from surrounding atmosphere are all come under cosmetics.

Cosmetic products presently available in the market are categories into following types:

  1. Mucous membranes care and maintenance stuff.
  2. Hair remover products: unwanted hair peels, blackhead removers, hand and legs hair removers.
  3. Cleaning items: bathing soap and lotions.
  4. Hair care and maintenance: like hair gels, shampoos, hair oils, dandruff shampoos and oils, hair growth gels and lotions, etc
  5. Odour improvement products: as mouthwash, sprays, deodorants, perfumes, scents.
  6. Decorative cosmetics: eyeliners, makeup, colour lipsticks, powders, talcs.
  7. Skin maintenance and care: petroleum gels, moisturizers, massage oils, creams, fairness creams, sunscreens, antiseptic creams, anti-itching creams.

Cosmetics derived from synthetic and natural means from ancient time. As for now, we have mostly synthetic derived products. However, natural products are still competitive to latest chemically manufactured items because of the safety it provides. Designing of modern cosmetics based on biological data improved cosmeceuticals of anti-ageing, hair growth and skin care. Demand for the cosmetic designer in the above sectors increasing day by day. FDA and other organization prefer utilization of natural cosmetics developed with the help of plant tissue/cell culture technology.

Technologies requirements to overcome side effect of synthetic cosmetics in cosmetic industry:

Allergy or toxicity, vision loss, dry eye syndromes, scratch mark, ocular surface and blepharoplasty are known side effects caused by cosmeceuticals of skin and eye. Spray and perfumes affect much further due inhalation of the aerosol particles. Lungs suffer from the chemical toxicity even they are present in PPM level. Application of computer simulation programs helps to estimate the reaction of chemicals and accumulation rate in a human body. Advanced technology clinical testing method requires well develop programming systems to derive the results obtained from the laboratory analysis. Ayurvedic and Egyptian cosmetic technologies are much safer than the present modern but due to their rough treatment and conditioning, they do not suite to every person. As an incident, application dosage of the same cosmetic differs as per the personal health condition. Modern cosmetic technologies could use these natural derived methods and develop much safer and relief consumer products.

By these technologies, a producer and consumer can know the real side effects before a cosmetic product could cause after its utilisation.