Dengue chikungunya and zika three mosquito-borne virus infections

The big challenge is the detection of the particular virus that causes infection. The viruses cause similar symptoms and some of the feel ill and regular flu. In some case, the illness is very mild that they do not know that they are carrying these viruses in their body.

Test conducted to know the disease and infection stage based on the common symptoms:

  • 1st day: feverish and at end of day diarrhoea
  • 2nd day: Skin rash, joint pains and headache
  • 3rd day: exanthema, arthralgia and conjunctivitis

Symptoms and sings in case of Zika infection: Most case seven days is incubation period for the virus to state in the body developing and eighty percent of the population are unnoticeable. The above symptoms are seen from next day onwards.

Important test:

  • For dengue: A rapid test called SD BIOLINE Dengue Duo IgG/IgM/NS1Ag
  • For chikungunya: IgM/IgG (immunofluorescence commercial test)
  • For zika: real-time ZIKV RT-PCR (blood and urine test)

The above test positive results their presence in the body.

However, thrombocytes and the haematocrit blood test are done specifically in case if the person is infected with dengue. For an immediate screen of the ill person from dengue infection, they conduct rapid diagnostic tests by the immunochromatographic method. It can be found by this analysis within 3 to 5 days due to the PCR. Zika virus, unlike other two, has the capability to transfer sexually between the male and female. In a pregnant, it is harmful to the fetus as it highly damages the brain neural system. The methods for treatment of clinical is same for three infections.

Prevention and cure:

A company from India called Bharat Biotech claims that they found a vaccine for the Zika virus. It is still under clinical trials as per World Health Organisation. Production of this vaccine may take some more time like more than a year from now. World Health Organisation plan to control these viruses spread by avoiding the mosquito bites and improve the insect repellent. It suggests the idea of terminating the mosquito population by developing the lethal gene. Key researchers of pest control companies developed such gene based on the idea of stopping the mosquito offspring to prevent these three viruses from spreading.

Infection spread:

The possibility of simultaneous break out of these three viruses would be the Brazil 2016 Olympic Games. The analysts predict it would increase the rate of risk of transmission of these viruses to other countries of the world. A huge person in the crowd has the highest percentage chance get infected.  The affected persons travel back to their homeland spread the virus. To control the virus best practices of screen mechanism should be followed.

Screen mechanisms to confirm the zika, dengue and chikungunya infection:

As per some of the experts, they suggest the sequence of conducting the test and screening ill returning passengers.  As per the experts, RDT dengue test is conducted first based on its antigen NS1 the positive, confirms the infection of dengue and the negative result should go for IgM test. Positive in this case is lead to PCR test. If PCR test is positive, it means Zika infection confirmation and negative than it is dengue.

If IgM is negative based on 5-day symptoms if the fever and other symptoms last longer than five days IgM test leads to Chikungunya based on positive and if it is negative than PCR urine should be tested it finally confirms the presence of Zika if the result is positive or others with it is negative.

In case the symptoms below five days the PCR test blood sample based on both Zika and Chikungunya are done. Based the negative and positive combination the infection is confirmed.

Along with this Malaria, a parasitic disease caused much more harm leads thousands to death.