Industrial equipments science and engineering

Every industry focuses on improvement of its efficiency and optimizes its operations to maintain the best place in its respective sector. Selection of equipment that required in an industry for performing the physical and chemical operations, alters its profits and reputation indirectly. Generally, every industry converts a starting material into a product that has the ability to fulfill the human needs. The conversion part involves a sequence of equipment that performs a task based on the program designed and scheduled by the engineer. He selects the optimum equipment that suits his designed operation, for that activity, he should have a basic knowledge about their classification and what type or kind of categories available to him and also their working principle.

Classification of industrial equipment:

Process Equipment : Decanter, centrifuges, sizing, accumulators
Material Handling Equipment : Solid conveyor, wheels and chains
Dairy : Pasteurizer, Refrigerator
Heat Treating : Driers, sterilizers
Heat Transfer : Heat exchangers, air ventilation, cooling towers etc
Engineering : Fittings
Fluid Handling : Liquid and Gas Pumping
Food Processing : Mixers, Steamers
Welding : Arc and Spark
Hydraulic : Press, load lifting, clamp
Plastic Processing : Shredders, granulator
Mining : Drilling, Boring
Machine Parts: Joints, Brakes, Bars and Supports
Agriculture : Tractor, sprayer
Molds and Dies: Jigs, Pins, Fixture
Packaging : Stripping Machines
Printing : Textile, thermal, rollers
Machine Safety : cut off systems, pressure reliefs
Surface Treatment : Blasting and Coating
Marine : Marine part, chains
Laboratory : Distillation and reaction apparatus, scientific equipment
Automotive : Bike engines, Boosters
Test : Analyzers, electronic measuring devices
Dispensing : Sprayers
Power Transmission : Drives, Fittings Beveling
Cleaning : Cleaning machines
Coating and Finishing : Polishing, Grinding, Protectors
Refrigeration and Cooling: Cold storage, Refrigerates
Vacuum Dryer: Batch and continuous
Earthmoving : Dozers, digger, trencher, excavators
Automation : Distribution, automatic robots
Molding : Marble, plaster and wood moulding