Overall plant operation sections in modern steel manufacturing industries

Some of the important section in modern steel manufacturing industries connected with materials, metal, water and power supply by an automated flow and conveying systems are:

  • Raw materials handling plant
  • Coke ovens and coal chemical plant
  • Sinter plant
  • Blast furnaces
  • Steel melt shop
  • Rolling mills( Light and medium merchant mill, Wire rod mill, Medium merchant and structure mill)

Raw material handling plant:

Quality raw materials supply of iron ore, fluxes (dolomite, limestone) coking coal and non-coking coal are required uninterruptedly to produce steel in the plant. Steel plants possess the facility to provide unloading, stacking and reclaiming activities, with the wagon, tippler, ground and track hoppers.
This particular handling plant has the features like:

  • Unloading system for railway wagons
  • Blender
  • Storage Yards
  • Ring granulators
  • Mixer
  • Cone crushers

Coke Ovens & Coal Chemical Plant:

Carbon for the steel is supplied in the form of coke. Coal from various ores is blended to obtain the required specification and heated in coke ovens. Due to the absence of air, all the volatile material are removed leaving out the carbon in the form of. The temperature of the oven is maintained around 1100oC and adjusted based on the proximate and ultimate analysis of charged coal. Blast furnace gas is used as fuel. Each oven is sandwiched between the gases burning stoves and walls the packed system is called a battery. Coke is discharged after 16 to18 hours from charging. Coke is cooled by nitrogen quenching to drop the temperature to prevent combustion.
Coal chemical plant recovers all the chemical present in the coke oven gas obtained from the coke oven batteries. Benzol, BTX, naphthalene, pitch, coal tar and fertilizer like ammonium sulfate are produced.

Sinter Plant:

Raw material required for blast furnace is prepared in this plant. Sintering machines agglomerate the iron ore fines, dolomite, limestone and coke. Some of the metallurgical wastes are reused by combining with the blast furnace feed.

Blast Furnace:

The material from the sinter is fed to the top section of the Blast Furnace along with coke and iron ore by the cars. At the bottom, molten hot iron metal is tapped out from tap holes.

Steel Melt Shop & Continuous Casting:

Top blown converters are used to produce liquid steel. The entire molten steel is feed to radial type continuous casting machines.

Rolling Mills:

Three fully automated rolling mills operated at high speed produce billets, reinforcement bars, channels, squares, rounds, flats, wire rods, angles. Stelmor and Tempcore processes are widely established in modern in steel manufacturing industries.

Light and Medium Merchant Mill:

It is called as LMMM. It is equipped with billet Mill and bar Mill, walking beam furnaces and stand roller hearth furnaces

Wire Rod Mill:

WRM is a stand mill and equipped with the preheating furnace. Fully automated mill produce rounds and ribbed wire rods.

Medium Merchant & Structure Mill:

MMSM use blooms in a continuous rolling mill