Polycarbonate Sheet A Transparent Metal

Polycarbonate is an alternative material for a glass. It is equipped with properties like good toughness and pleasant optical clarity with enough ductility. It is a chemical product of polymer manufacturing industry.

Polycarbonate applications

Polycarbonate usage gradually increased in many application for example, most medical devices now are made of polycarbonate. It properties prefer the material for sterilization because it don’t biodegrade and not effected by bio-organisms. It is a thermoplastic material due to this property it has entered into the automotive replacement parts and even used in making sports good. The light transmitting sheet and components made of polycarbonate are transparent and tough in nature. They made into lenses of headlamp of automotive, glazing for structural building and used as sound barriers.

A laminated sheet of glass, ceramic and polycarbonate convert into bullet proof material which can be fitted to the cars and house windows. General sheet available is about 4 ft X 8 ft in dimension but the required sizes can be cut with simple tools. 4mm sheet of polycarbonate is the best thickness that can withstand most of the tension loads without cracking.

Polycarbonate twin wall sheets are coated with thickness of 2 micro meters to 100 microns UV absorbers to prevent harmful rays pass through them. With new blending composition in polycarbonate substance its cost brought down and in future it become an inexpensive material used for all regular means. A healthy green house can be built using polycarbonate derivatives like UV stabilized mouldings.

Polycarbonate corrugated sheets can used as roof tops which acts as heat seal. Channels created by them will maintain the room temperature consistently and provide a support to solar panels.

There are disadvantage in polycarbonate even though it is fame by the name as “Transparency metal”. When it is exposed to ultra violet light it is affected and it can’t with stand to high temperatures. It shows fracture when subjected to cyclic loads. Of course these are take care by the hard-coats.