Some Popular Home Theater Systems Technology Specifications

Seven branded companies manufactured home theatre systems from the year 2005. Sony, Philips, Samsung, Bose, Panasonic, LG and Hyundai companies are the best competitor in the market. Each model developed by the companies have evolved continuously by the electronics and sound technology.

Top home theatre systems

Sony developed two home theatre systems

  1. DAV-DZ500, with power 800W RMS. It has speakers made with digital direct twin-drive subwoofer along with 4 floor standing system. It has dolby porlogic II, digital, DTS surround sound and compatible for DVD, Divx and MP3 playback. It has a technology of PAL for precision cinema progressive.
  2. HT-DDW1000 have power 1000 W RMS, with 110W active subwoofers. 2X20 cm RMS. Specialized in dolby digital ex/ dolby ProLogic II. It has 32 bit DSP.

Philips developed two home theatre systems

  1. HTS3300 with a power of 300W RMS having wide spectrum by 2 front and rear speakers. It has compatibility with playback of JPEG, MP3, CD-R/RW, VCD, DVD-R/RW. It has features like multifunctional remote control and progressive scan with video sampling.
  2. HTS5310S have the power capacity of 500W RMS with accessories of conical dome tweeters and four floor-standing speakers; it adds up SACD to above HTS3300 model and specializes in PAL and progressive scan by NTSC.

Samsung developed two home theatre systems

  1. HT-WP38 model 800W RMS having a wireless standing speaker facility and 2.4GHz broad digital band. The playback system has equipped with DIVx, DVD+R/RW, JPEG, MP3, DTS, WMA.  It has 5-disk changer digital amplifier and pal progressive scan.
  2. HT-P1200 model has same power capacity but with stylish floor speaker with the standing system just equipped with SACD. It has a feature with USB host, HDMI out, HDTV complaint digital amplifier.

Bose developed a model which unique of all a lifestyle 18 series II, it has five speakers that invisible and AM/FM tuner. ADAPTIQ audio calibration system provided with universal radio frequency remote control. It is the costliest product of all home theatres.

Panasonic has launched two home theatre systems

  1. HT330 having 3500W PMPO built with front and rear speaker towers. It has only one audio input but CD-WMA. DVD-A/V, DVD-RAM, RW-CDs, DTS, FM/AM tuner.
  2. HT930 model has increased it power to 1000W RMS with front and rear tower speakers and 5-disk changer, double multi remastering system.

LG introduced LH-T6240 home theatre model with 2000W PMPO having the compact speakers and full digital amplifier with additional features like. 5.1 channel surrounding sound, picture playback AM/FM tuner, JPEG, DVD.VCD, MP3, WMA, SVCD. It is less expensive when compared to others.

Hyundai’s HHT-041 model has the highest 3000W PMPO with full digital amplification system. DVD, VCD, audio playback features JPEG/SVCD/WMA/MP3 and 5.1 and 2.1 channel surround home theatre system.