Propane fuel power generators

Propane in liquid form exists at temperatures below 225.46 K (-48oC ) at 1 atm pressure having a molecular structure made of three carbons and six hydrogen atoms. Propane is sold in cylinders with pressure up to 25 atm at room temperature for using it as domestic fuel. Propane cylinders are available with 5 to 20 litres or kg (pounds) in the market so that they can be used for portable stoves and automobile fuel tank refills.

But the demand for propane fuel cylinders are mostly used for household power generators and these generators which used propane as fuel work with more efficiency and their performance dominates other power generators when compared with diesel and steam generators.

Propane fuel power generators produce utmost balanced power out by complete consuming propane without letting it along with flue gases which obtain after combustion of propane; propane burners have a long life so that they need less maintenance save time and money.  The calorific value of propane is good enough that it is flue gas produce heat and energy to a power generator it as 43MJ/kg. This means for 1 kg of propane when it is burned with air 43 MJ of heat energy is produced.

Before choosing a power generator one should check that the availability of propane cylinders is easy to refill when cylinders get empty of course one of the advantages of propane cylinders is that they are designed with a flow meter and pressure gauge which so accurate value and meter of fuel is easy to control during regular usage.

Propane storage tank used for domestic houseAn advanced power generator is developed so that it does a combined operation of producing power and work as the heat pump which termed as combined heat and power (CHP).  These are converted to portable generators having a feature of lightweight and moveable due to wheel mounting and safety controlling features of automatic shutdown on low oil and auto start as back up during power failure so that you can enjoy uninterrupted power supply, false safe alarm if there is a leak of propane from the joints and fittings.  Some of the micro-turbine power generators are also using propane as fuel with a capacity of 30kW and 60kW. The United States has advanced propane fuel power generators with outstanding safety and efficiency.