How a room air condition system work

To maintain comfortable working conditions in a room air condition system works with thermodynamic principles using a refrigerant to transfer heat from cold location to hot location. For an office room, we generally observe a cooling component fitted on the wall above 6 feet in general situations. Cool air comes out of it. How does it happen? Well, it circulates the air in the room continuously by sucking the warm air from the top of the room and passing to the cooling coils inside it and blowing the cooled air from its bottom.

It seems simple but does you how it happen, it’s really a beautiful concept the takes place to cool the air. Heat from the air is absorbed by the liquid refrigerant and gets vaporized. Latent heat is supplied from the air to the liquid phase of the refrigerant to convert into a vapour phase. This loss of heat makes the air to cool down. However, the refrigerant vapours should be condensed back to liquid form so that it can be circulated into the cooling component in the room to make the air cool. To do this the vapour refrigerant is compressed by a compressor, which increases the pressure and temperature of the vapour refrigerant.

By using an exhaust fan, atmosphere air is blown out to the coiling system, which looks like shell and tube heat exchanger tubes in which the pressurized refrigerant will pass through. Due to the high temperature of the vapour refrigerant, the heat from it is transferred to atmospheric air. Eventually cooling the refrigerant and converting it to liquid. Due to high-pressure, the phase of refrigerant changes to liquid as the temperature drop. Its temperature can be decreased to its dew point by expanding it using an expander. The liquid refrigerant so formed will be at the temperature near its boiling point. Now the whole process repeats until the power is supplied to the system. Air temperature and humidity in the room is monitored by sensors in the cooling component and maintain the conditions required by the user.

Schematic diagram of room air condition system working procedure

Room cooling by air condition commercial equipment


Room air condition system business option:

To perform the maintenance of the air conditioner a service business is much more profitable for an entrepreneur. Most of the domestic air condition are used during summer or warm condition and in winter people keep it idle. This way of using the air conditioner may affect its performance. Maintenance task like cleaning the mesh, blowing out the dust from heat exchanger improve the life of the air conditioning system. A technically sound person can start his own business on the servicing which is quiet beneficially in replacing the wear out parts of the AC and its refrigerant refilling.