It is an instrument that works based on the “Light” phenomena. A remarkable device played a major role in scientific exploration and research. Knowing about it reveals the stages that science has gone through.
Spectrophotometer Applications:

  • Treating oral mucosal diseases: Dentists check the colour change of the patient’s mucous membrane to know the condition and treat oral mucosal diseases. With help of the software’s that has the capability of colour differentiating the data obtained from the spectrophotometer, dentists are able to diagnosis the patient with the mucosal disease.
  • Protein content: The feasibility of analysing a wide range of proteins even with less sample quantity of 100μl was brought with the method of Bensadoun and Weinstein microplate procedure.
  • Quantitatively assessing different types of surfaces: In the field of material processing technology, spectrophotometer is used to find the optical properties of the material surfaces.

Spectrophotometer Upgrades:

  • To examine the fine difference of optical absorbance a sensitive character is added to the formal spectrophotometer. Generally, the measuring instrument is operated on single or double beam; it was improved by the addition of dual wavelength and called as dual wavelength spectrophotometer (DWS).
  • Even its capability was altered to minimise the use of mirrors and filters for micro-operations and so, a micro-dual-wavelength spectrophotometer (MDWS) originated which is able of detect microscopic changes of reflection, absorbance, transmittance.
  • One of the upgraded versions of the single-beam spectrophotometer is a mini-rapid-scan-spectrophotometer (Mini-RSS) which is patented for the reflection technology. It has a capability of scanning 100 spectra within a second.

Accessories for a spectrophotometer:

  • Data collected from the sample analysis using the instrument need further tasks. Data should be made available and stored for comparison studies to facilitate the objective software packages are needed. Peak sensing, graphical representation and modification tools provided by the software help the analyst to derive the conclusion in less time. ADALAB converter cards are used to convert the signal from analogue to digital that a computer with a program allows performing above tasks.