Venturi scrubber system operation for scrubbing of acid, vent or flue gases

In a chemical production or solid handling manufacturing industries, we know that they release out some quantity of gases that produced by combustion or separation operations into the atmosphere through the chimney. When there is a need for energy manufacturing industries use electricity from outer sources or produced them self from boiler steam. The fuel gas is released out into atmosphere continuously through the production cycle if these gases are not even treated with water they carry particulates and harmful gases into the air which directly affect the environmental condition in nearby communities. Cost effective process needs to purify the vent gas to maintain the pollution prevention standards. A venturi scrubbing system is old and first implemented technology, which is still in practice by all industries of large and small-scale production capacity.

operation flow diagram of venturi scrubber

Flow diagram of venturi scrubbing system

A schematic diagram of the venturi scrubber is shown here to provide basic knowledge of its operation. For reducing the SO3 and solid particulates in the gas, dilute sodium chloride solution is sprayed along with it at the top section of the venturi scrubber. Based on the throat design the efficiency of scrubbing is altered and outlet liquid and gas are separated in the cylindrical separator to recycle the liquid. Gas is exited from top of the separator. The pump from the makeup tank recirculates the liquid continuously. This is system is simple in design and construction and promising purification system used in fertiliser, petrochemical and cement industries.